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California marijuana grow houses account for 75 percent of U.S. indoor plants seized

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How Ralph Northam as the new governor of Virgina is good for Cannabis

Virginia Elected Ralph Northam as Governor

Previously, the state’s lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam was elected as the state’s governor on Wednesday with 54 percent of the vote. The Army veteran and pediatrician endorses decriminalizing marijuana and made the issue one of the centerpieces of his campaign. He sees the criminalization of marijuana as a law that “disproportionately hurts people of color” and also believes that the potential health benefits of marijuana are another reason that the substance should be decriminalized.

Weed Revolution

Charles Frederick White age 77 was just sentenced to 10 year for growing weed 9.24.17

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution


Marijuana could be legal in New Jersey as soon as April

Phil Murphy’s win in NJ could bring Pot Legalization to reality.


FDA Is Open To Medical Marijuana For Vets

Alexis Bortell age 12 is using US Attorney Gen Jeff Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide.

The U.S. currently drives 90 percent of global cannabis sales

The Global Cannabis Market with soon hit $31 Billion

Emerging evidence indicates that psychiatric patients who try marijuana show significant improvements in symptoms and clinical outcomes

The Global Marijuana Market Will Soon Hit $31.4 Billion

countries in Latin American and Europe are increasingly adopting medical cannabis programs

Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem recently began offering a medical marijuana course that explores the history, laws, jobs of the herb

U.S. states spend more than $3 billion enforcing marijuana prohibition every year.

the Israeli government approved a plan to let its 30,000 patients access medical marijuana more easily

650,000 people were arrested for marijuana law violations in 2015

Weed in the news

t*h1>Weed in the News

So everyone is talking about weed in the news. In a recent Newsweek article about marijuana soil they sit down with a organic cannabis farmer and he talks about some of his secrets to growing stronger robust crops of marijuana. Marijuana course is rapidly spreading across the country most recently Pennsylvania on Thursday I wouldn’t State announce a lot if it’s patient and caregiver registry. Now in Pennsylvania patient should be able to maintain obtain medication by May and more than 100 positions have been approved to participate in the program as reported by the Associated Press. Now the DEA is now supporting more evidence based research for medical marijuana products.

Steven Jensen owner of green barn farms and organic cannabis grow Farm in Northeast Washington State set growing pot is very much like growing a tomato plant they are very hungry energy-intensive plants.


When it comes to growing cannabis oil and unless you was using a brand that is known for making soil that is specifically cannabis friendly there are many things you need to consider before starting to grow. First will be texture drainage ability and water retention. A good cannabis soil will feature many ingredients and killed including compost Forest humus sand loaf Coco coir perlite earthworm castings bat guano fish meal crab meal bone meal blood meal as a mic pumice kelp Dolomite lime green sand and litter night. One suggestion is always been fox-farm who makes variety of soils that are very good for growing cannabis and adding soil through products like Advanced Nutrients.

Why is marijuana illegal?


Marijuana is quite possibly the finest of intoxicants. Nick Offerman


The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lie.


Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet.


The only dead bodies from marijuana are in the prisons and at the hands of the police