Ganja Herb Bud Weed


you’ve heard of pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin spice doughnuts, but how about pumpkin spice weed?

Who Loves Weed, Girls Who Smoke Weed and Friends That Have Weed?

If u don’t like cannabis recreationally, don’t try to start a business in it, to understand the industry you need to understand the plant.

Vermonters spend about $165 million a year on weed from the black market.


New evidence suggests that marijuana can even serve as an “exit drug,”

Marijuana and hemp come from different varieties of the same plant family, and are similar when it comes to cultivation.

Pretty girls smoking ganja marijuana cannabis

Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma

Sergeant Spliff

Marijuana-infused edibles, for example, can have a stronger intoxicating effect and last longer than smoking.

Blonde Beauty enjoys cannabis

Vermont legalized hemp farming in 2013

long-term marijuana smoking is not associated with elevated cancer risk

Beautiful Pot Smoker

Kush rolled, glass full; I prefer the better things. -Rihanna

Chocolate Thai

emerging evidence indicates that psychiatric patients who try marijuana show significant improvements in symptoms and clinical outcomes

Michigan university becomes first to offer degree in marijuana studies

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