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Eat Hemp

#DidYouKnow hemp seeds have almost double the amount of protein found in #chia or #flaxseeds? This means they provide all 10 of the essential amino acids we need in a healthy diet! Learn more at HempActivist.org #HempActivist #EatHemp #HempSeeds #CBDoil#hempheals #hempoil

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AeroGarden Grow Tips For Large Nugs of Medical Marijuana

One love.  In response to several AeroGarden questions that have been asked over the years, I have put together this overview on the pluses and minuses of this system. I have completed three grows using this system with wonderful results. Pros – CLICK HERE NOW 1. Water Efficiency– I’ve never used a grow set-up that did as much with one ...

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Epic Fail in Growing a Medical Weed Garden

Memoirs of My 1st attempt at growing medical marijuana medicine in California, for my documented chronic back pain, which I have a state backed medical license for. As I get older my first gardening experiences stick in my head. I have since graduated to an expert legal medical marijuana medicine grower and I have even used the AeroGarden to grow ...

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