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Ganja Herb Bud Weed

  you’ve heard of pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin spice doughnuts, but how about pumpkin spice weed? Who Loves Weed, Girls Who Smoke Weed and Friends That Have Weed? http://weednationsoldiers.com/category/comics/characters/heroes/ If u don’t like cannabis recreationally, don’t try to start a business in it, to understand the industry you need to understand the plant. Vermonters spend about $165 million a ...

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Stoner Pothead toker or Cannabis Conisuier

If you’re anything like me you smoke cannabis every single day. Sometimes all day you know which strings are good for you know how they make you feel you smell them so you can get a sense of taste and flavor and all sorts of things. So long gone of the day is a call and let’s just potheads or ...

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Baby Boomers and weed

Studies show that since 2006 marijuana use has significantly increased among adults aged 50 and up. The number has increased to about 7.1% in the age group of marijuana users 65 and up. #Cannabis #Marijuana @BigDaddysSpot    

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