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The Global Cannabis Market with soon hit $31 Billion

Emerging evidence indicates that psychiatric patients who try marijuana show significant improvements in symptoms and clinical outcomes The Global Marijuana Market Will Soon Hit $31.4 Billion countries in Latin American and Europe are increasingly adopting medical cannabis programs Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem recently began offering a medical marijuana course that explores the history, laws, jobs of the herb U.S. states ...

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Major Motta

Name: Major Motta Legal Name: Ricardo Antonio Motta Rialto Legal Status: Naturalized Citizen of the U.S., Citizen of El Salvador Age: 36 Marital Status: Single Occupation: Spiritual Leader, Freedom Fighter Height: 6’ 0” Weight: 198 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Method: Pipe History: Ricardo Antonio Motta Rialto is the son of Father Andreas Rialto, the founder of Motta De Dios Church. ...

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