Hemp Clean

Hemp Cleans is an

organization that was formed for the purpose of initiating legislation for the study of hemp cultivation as a means of remediation of toxic soils.

Jason Lauve, “Mr. Hemp ™,” is an internationally recognized expert on the opportunities of industrial hemp and serves as a consultant to entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the industry. Jason is the Founder and Executive Director of Hemp Cleans ™, and he is instrumental in the creation of the successful bill in Colorado, paving the way for industrial hemp cultivation the United States of America.

The Industrial Hemp Phytoremediation Bill passed with bi-partisan support and Governor Hickenlooper’s signature June 6th, 2012 and was incorporated into the hemp regulatory bill in 2013.

Since 2011 Mr. Hemp has been traveling to various rural communities across the globe to dialogue with farmers and other interested parties with a focus on the opportunities hemp provides for agriculture, industry, and the environment. Audiences have been receptive to the presentations and enthusiastic about the opportunity to cultivate hemp. Hemp Cleans is working towards the goal of making profitable hemp cultivation possible now. Farmers have sought a low-input, high-value alternative crop for many years, and hemp answers that desire.

Hemp Clean
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Canopy Growth


Canopy Growth Corporation is a world leading diversified cannabis company. We operate a collection brands and curated strain variety, supported by  over a half million square feet of indoor and greenhouse production capacity, partnered with some of the leading names of the sector.


Tweed is the most recognized marijuana production brand in the world. It has built a large and loyal following by focusing on quality products and meaningful customer relationships. Tweed doesn’t just sell marijuana, it facilitates a conversation about a product we’ve all heard about but haven’t met intimately yet. It is approachable and friendly, yet reliable and trusted. As marijuana laws liberalize around the world, Tweed will expand its leading Canadian position around the globe.


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