Major Munchies

Name: Major Munchies

Legal Name: Joseph D. American III

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record

Age: 30

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Retired Soldier, Chef, and Freedom Fighter

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 255

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Method: Brownies, Joints

History: Joe American is the son of Vietnam War Hero Joseph D. “Buzz” American Jr and Folk Singer Tammy Windsong. After returning from his 3rd tour in Vietnam, Joseph Jr showed many behavioral problems brought on by post-traumatic stress. Tammy found that marijuana controlled his behavior and the pleased couple began a love affair with what they deemed the “Magic Plant”. They lived happily, eventually having a son who they named Joseph D. American III. Young Joe, an aspiring Chef developed dozens of recipes to add variety to his father’s methods of consumption.

At the age of 18 Joe III enlisted in the Army to defend his country during the Gulf War. He was assigned as a cook and placed in a Hot Zone near the front. His time in the Gulf allowed Joe the freedom to experiment with new strains of his beloved plant and shortly before leaving “The Gulf” he had developed a recipe for the most potent Pot Brownie ever combining Western Sativa and Mid-Eastern Indica. His Brownies relived the stress of the soldiers and helped boost moral. Though never officially acknowledged by the Army, many soldiers have credited this Brownie as a key to turning the war in our favor.

Joe returned home and married his High School sweet heart Mary Jane True. The two lived happily until Joe’s father disappeared after a reunion with his old war buddy. The senior had fallen into a plot to turn traumatized war veterans into killing machines. The plot was foiled by the Famed Superhero Captain Chronic, but not before Joe senior was turned into the super villain “BuzzKill”.

Joe III has since dedicated himself to fighting his father’s rampage under the identity of Major Munchies.

Known Powers and Abilities: Major Munchies has trained himself to the peak of human perfection. His lungs can hold 5 times the capacity of normal human lungs and his highly efficient metabolism allows him to process THC much better than the average human.

Major Munchies is also a master chef and has perfected cannabis cooking techniques never before imagined.

Chocolate Thai

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[text_dd]t*h1 class=”western”>Legal Name: Mia Jones

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record

Age: 22

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Student, freedom fighter

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 107 lbs

Eyes: green

Hair: brown

Method: Blunts

History: Mai Jones is the daughter of U.S. track star “Mad” Jack Jones and Thai Gymnastics Gold Medalist Soo Kim. The two athletes met during the 1984 Olympic Games and instantly fell in love. They maintained a long distant relationship for the next two years as each blossomed into huge stars in their respective countries. During the 1988 world games the two were wed in a secret ceremony and conceived their daughter Mia.

It was at the height of his fame that Mad Jack fell from grace. He was caught boarding a flight to Thailand carrying 3 grams of California Chronic. He was later convicted in Federal Court on charges of International distribution and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Devastated and alone Bouapon took her daughter to her Korean homeland to be with her family. It was there that young Mia would meet the first great influence of her life, her uncle who was a highly accomplished Buddhist Monk. He taught the young, hyper child to focus her mind and her Chi.

On Mia’s 13 birthday her mother decided it was time she saw her father whom she hadn’t seen since she was a small child. They settled in Washington and enrolled her in school. She excelled as a multi-sport athlete and star student. She credits her achievements to the use of Chi.

Over the next five years Mia developed a close bond with her imprisoned father. On her 18th birthday her father revealed to his only daughter the location of his most prized possessions, which he managed to hide from federal agents. The chest contained his numerous gold medals, personal memoirs, old photos and a half of Korean Sativa.

Mia smoked the weed that night and found that it allowed her to reach a new level of meditation. On emerging from this meditative state she found her Chi increased to super human levels. Her newly found energy greatly increased her physical and mental abilities giving her super human speed and agility and limited psychic powers.

Inspired by her new powers Mia plotted to break her father out of prison. She was stopped by the Freedom Fighter Captain Chronic. Chronic convinced her to pursue legal means to gain Jack’s freedom. She agreed under the condition that Chronic would train her to be a Freedom fighter. She has since served as an active member of the Weed Nation and enrolled in law school to fight for the freedom of her father and others imprisoned for marijuana possession.

Known Power: Chocolate Thai posses several superhuman abilities derived from her Cannabis enhanced Chi. Her Chi energy gives her superhuman strength, speed and agility. She can lift approx 600lbs above her head and has been timed at 3.88 seconds. in the 40 yard dash.

Thai is a highly trained martial artist proficient in several forms of hand to hand combat including Hapkido and Shuai and Jaio.[/text_dd]

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Name: China

Legal Name: Aoki Nakata

Legal Status: Citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record

Age: 19

Marital Status: Single                                                                                                   

Occupation: model, criminal underling

Group Affiliation: Ice House Modeling Agency

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 106

Eyes: Brown

History: Aoki Nakata is the daughter of Hollywood stunt man and martial artist Randy “Blade” Nakata, best known for his work in Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”. Her mother died shortly after her birth. Quiet and withdrawn, Aoki only found joy in training with her father in which he took great pride in his daughter’s fight prowess and ruthless attitude.

While auditioning for a role in a B level karate movie, Aoki met Ice House Modeling Agency CEO Cristalia Methonia and found in her the mother figure she longed for. Cristalia became quite fond of the young ruthless girl and quickly recognized that her martial arts skill could be of great use to her. She offered her a job in her newly formed security force. Aoki jumped at the chance to put her skills to use and earn a lucrative paycheck in the process. She adopted the name China and served her mistress loyally since.

Powers: China is a master of several martial arts techniques, proficient in Taekwando, Jiu Jitsu , Xingyiquan, and Kendo.

China, like the other SnowBunnies, uses the Ice Queen “Ice” to enhance her natural strength and speed, making her a dangerous combatant.

Cee Weed

Other known aliases: Mou Wowe, Samoan Smoke

Legal Name: unknown

Legal Status: unknown believed to have a criminal record based on activities

Age: unknown probably early thirties based on physical appearance

Marital Status: unknown

Occupation: professional surfer, entrepreneur, and hook up man

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 228

Eyes: Brown

Hair :Brown

Method :bongs

History: Little is known about Cee-Weed before he joined the Nation. It is rumored that he got his powers in a lab experiment that gave him super human sight. Duped into becoming one of the top field agents of the A.T.F he was feared by anyone who dared smoke the natural herb. One day on a solo mission for “The Man” he was all set to call in all out raid on one the Nation’s many bodegas. He was captured by Captain Chronic. Chronic was able to form a psychic bond with him because of the THC in his system showing Cee-Weed the error of his ways. He now is a vital member of the Nation raiding government facilities who horde the herb. He has also exposed many hypocritical government officials who smoke in private and condemn in public.

Known Abilities : Superhuman sight, Cee-Weed has the ability to spot a single marijuana plant in a densely packed forest from approximately 3 miles. He can also see through solid objects at close range, is highly skilled in many military weapons and a master in hand to hand combat.

Limitations: Cee-Weed at this time has trouble seeing through anything made of plastic, even if it’s clear plastic. No one knows why.

The Ice Queen

Legal Name: Cristalia Methonia

Legal Status: Citizen of Romania,

Naturalized citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record.

Age: 29

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Model (retired), Modeling agent, Criminal mastermind

Known Aliases: Crystal Meth, Dark Crystal

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 111

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Method: N/A

History: Cristalia Methonia is the daughter of Romanian industrialist, Andrei Methonia a direct descendant of the Romanian royal family. A clever and shrewd business man, Andrei used his connections to build a global chemical manufacturing company supplying industrial and commercial level cleaning products in 23 countries including the U.S.

Born into great wealth and privilege, Cristalia soon became the hot new face of European fashion bursting onto the American scene in late 2000. It was during her runway days that she first met a young model by the name of Alexandria Huffington (who would later be known as Private Puff, see Private Puff). The two formed a fast friendship. When Alex began to struggle in maintaining her super thin frame Cristalia offered her trade secret which was a form of Crystal Meth developed by her fathers company which greatly accelerated the body’s metabolism. Alex rejected the drug and after a nasty exchange of words the friendship quickly dissolved.

Cristalia was later arrested by DEA agents as she entered the U.S. carrying just over 3 pounds of Crystal Meth. She incorrectly assumed Alex had informed DEA agents and vowed revenge on her former friend.

She soon retired from active modeling to run her own exclusive modeling agency dubbed the IceHouse. Despite her success she has remained focused on destroying Alexandria and has attempted to ruin her on several occasions with no success. Desperate for revenge, Cristalia who by this time was calling herself the Ice Queen recruited three young and ruthless models to assist her in her plot to strike back at Alexandria. She dubbed this group the Snow Bunnies, in part for their affinity for cocaine abuse.

Their first mission was to kidnap Alex’s young cousin Daniella Storm. They succeeded but were later defeated by Private Puff and her Weed Nation teammate Chocolate Thai. The Snow Bunnies were incarcerated but Cristalia was able to avoid arrest claiming diplomatic immunity. She returned to her native Romania but has again renewed her vow to destroy Private Puff at all cost.

Known Powers: The Ice Queen is a highly trained hand to hand combatant proficient in several forms of martial arts. Though she posses no superhuman powers of her own she often uses her special “Ice” to augment her bodies natural strength and speed.


Major Motta

Name: Major Motta

Legal Name: Ricardo Antonio Motta Rialto

Legal Status: Naturalized Citizen of the U.S., Citizen of El Salvador

Age: 36

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Spiritual Leader, Freedom Fighter

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 198

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Method: Pipe

History: Ricardo Antonio Motta Rialto is the son of Father Andreas Rialto, the founder of Motta De Dios Church. Motta De Dios is an off-shoot of mainstream Christianity that uses Marijuana as a sacrament. It is their contention that Jesus used marijuana to communicate with God.

Andreas moved through Central and South America founding new churches. In 1984 he settled in San Antonio Texas and established his 100th chapter. The church ran for years until Reagan Administration’s war on drugs turned its attention to the Church’s practice of indulging in Cannabis as a way of communing with GOD. DEA agents raided the church and Andreas was shot and killed.

Ricardo escaped and led the remaining church members underground. Through diligent prayers and much intake of the sacrament herb, Ricardo was able to achieve a level of spirituality that allowed him to communicate with the lesser God Mottano. Mottano told him that his people would be a key in maintaining the balance of the Universe. He blessed him with special powers and the seeds to grow the perfect cannabis plant.

He established a new Church in Albuquerque New Mexico and has dedicated his life to continuing his father’s mission. He adopted the identity of Major Motta to make better use of his new powers.

Known Power: Major Motta posses’s several magical powers after being blessed by the demi-god Mottan. Among them is the ability to fly and cast powerful spells from the Book of Mottan.

Captain Chronic

Legal Name: Fenius Blunt II

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record

Age: 35

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Botanist, Freedom Fighter

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 208

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Method: Joints

History: The man known as Captain Chronic was born the son of Nobel Prize winning Botanist, Dr. Fenius Blunt and Nigerian Student Monisola Abaeza. Hearing stories of the unusually long life spans and vitality of the members of the regions Abaeza Clan, young Fenius traveled there in search for a cure for his alzheimer’s stricken grandmother mother Civil rights advocate Nona Blunt.

Monisola Abaeza was the granddaughter of a Shaman of great power and knowledge much of which he passed on to her, his only grandchild. The young botanist and student met and quickly fell in love. It was on their wedding night that Monisola revealed the secret of her clan’s youth, Sativa Abaeza. The herb which had been breed and cross-breed for its curative properties. The Abaeza Clan used the herb in food, medicine and of course in recreational practices.

Blunt returned to the States a rejuvenated man and with his new bride immersed himself into developing the plant into an effective cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia. It was at this time that they were blessed with their only child whom they named Fenius Jr. At the height of their happiness tragedy struck. A large pharmaceutical company in early development of a synthetic drug called Marinol was threatened by Blunts more potent and effective Abaeza Weed and they offered to buy his operation for a large some of money.

Fenius senior knew the corporation would never let his discovery reach the common man and flatly refused their offer. Angered, the company had his lab and home burned to the ground killing the doctor and his beloved wife. Only young Fenius and the Doctor’s long time assistant Pegotta survived. Pegotta returned to Nigeria with Fenius Jr and trained him as a Nigerian warrior. More importantly Pegotta taught the young Blunt the breeding techniques his father had perfected.

At the age of 21 Fenius returned to the U.S. to enroll in Humboldt University. There he breeds his Nigerian strain with native California Chronic. The resulting plant was both extremely potent and possessed strength and mind augmenting abilities inherent in the Abaeza. Before he could publish his discovery, his lab was raided by federal agents at the urging of Amrich pharmaceutics.

In the ensuing battle, the feds attempting to destroy the experimental plants and turned their flame throwers on crop. As the crop of over 100 flowering plants burned, the building structure collapsed trapping Blunt in the grow chamber. He was knocked out and trapped in the smoke filled room for more than 30 minutes. Left for dead, he miraculously emerged from the rubble and found that the extraordinary volume of high potency THC changed his body chemistry in a variety of ways, granting him several super human abilities

Fenius escaped his father’s fate and vowed to use his super weed granted powers to battle political corruption and ignorance backing marijuana prohibition. He has since adopted the moniker “Captain Chronic” and has been waging a personal war against Amrich and its CEO Toby Straight.

Known Power: Captain Chronic possesses several superhuman abilities derived from intense exposure to the Super Chronic. The active THC agents protect his body’s cells making him impervious to puncture wounds and small caliber fire arms. It has also augmented his body’s natural healing ability allowing him to rapidly heal from injury.