Other known aliases: Mou Wowe, Samoan Smoke

Legal Name: unknown

Legal Status: unknown believed to have a criminal record based on activities

Age: unknown probably early thirties based on physical appearance

Marital Status: unknown

Occupation: professional surfer, entrepreneur, and hook up man

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 228

Eyes: Brown

Hair :Brown

Method :bongs

History: Little is known about Cee-Weed before he joined the Nation. It is rumored that he got his powers in a lab experiment that gave him super human sight. Duped into becoming one of the top field agents of the A.T.F he was feared by anyone who dared smoke the natural herb. One day on a solo mission for “The Man” he was all set to call in all out raid on one the Nation’s many bodegas. He was captured by Captain Chronic. Chronic was able to form a psychic bond with him because of the THC in his system showing Cee-Weed the error of his ways. He now is a vital member of the Nation raiding government facilities who horde the herb. He has also exposed many hypocritical government officials who smoke in private and condemn in public.

Known Abilities : Superhuman sight, Cee-Weed has the ability to spot a single marijuana plant in a densely packed forest from approximately 3 miles. He can also see through solid objects at close range, is highly skilled in many military weapons and a master in hand to hand combat.

Limitations: Cee-Weed at this time has trouble seeing through anything made of plastic, even if it’s clear plastic. No one knows why.