Legal Name: Fenius Blunt II

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record

Age: 35

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Botanist, Freedom Fighter

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 208

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Method: Joints

History: The man known as Captain Chronic was born the son of Nobel Prize winning Botanist, Dr. Fenius Blunt and Nigerian Student Monisola Abaeza. Hearing stories of the unusually long life spans and vitality of the members of the regions Abaeza Clan, young Fenius traveled there in search for a cure for his alzheimer’s stricken grandmother mother Civil rights advocate Nona Blunt.

Monisola Abaeza was the granddaughter of a Shaman of great power and knowledge much of which he passed on to her, his only grandchild. The young botanist and student met and quickly fell in love. It was on their wedding night that Monisola revealed the secret of her clan’s youth, Sativa Abaeza. The herb which had been breed and cross-breed for its curative properties. The Abaeza Clan used the herb in food, medicine and of course in recreational practices.

Blunt returned to the States a rejuvenated man and with his new bride immersed himself into developing the plant into an effective cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia. It was at this time that they were blessed with their only child whom they named Fenius Jr. At the height of their happiness tragedy struck. A large pharmaceutical company in early development of a synthetic drug called Marinol was threatened by Blunts more potent and effective Abaeza Weed and they offered to buy his operation for a large some of money.

Fenius senior knew the corporation would never let his discovery reach the common man and flatly refused their offer. Angered, the company had his lab and home burned to the ground killing the doctor and his beloved wife. Only young Fenius and the Doctor’s long time assistant Pegotta survived. Pegotta returned to Nigeria with Fenius Jr and trained him as a Nigerian warrior. More importantly Pegotta taught the young Blunt the breeding techniques his father had perfected.

At the age of 21 Fenius returned to the U.S. to enroll in Humboldt University. There he breeds his Nigerian strain with native California Chronic. The resulting plant was both extremely potent and possessed strength and mind augmenting abilities inherent in the Abaeza. Before he could publish his discovery, his lab was raided by federal agents at the urging of Amrich pharmaceutics.

In the ensuing battle, the feds attempting to destroy the experimental plants and turned their flame throwers on crop. As the crop of over 100 flowering plants burned, the building structure collapsed trapping Blunt in the grow chamber. He was knocked out and trapped in the smoke filled room for more than 30 minutes. Left for dead, he miraculously emerged from the rubble and found that the extraordinary volume of high potency THC changed his body chemistry in a variety of ways, granting him several super human abilities

Fenius escaped his father’s fate and vowed to use his super weed granted powers to battle political corruption and ignorance backing marijuana prohibition. He has since adopted the moniker “Captain Chronic” and has been waging a personal war against Amrich and its CEO Toby Straight.

Known Power: Captain Chronic possesses several superhuman abilities derived from intense exposure to the Super Chronic. The active THC agents protect his body’s cells making him impervious to puncture wounds and small caliber fire arms. It has also augmented his body’s natural healing ability allowing him to rapidly heal from injury.