Name: China

Legal Name: Aoki Nakata

Legal Status: Citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record

Age: 19

Marital Status: Single                                                                                                   

Occupation: model, criminal underling

Group Affiliation: Ice House Modeling Agency

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 106

Eyes: Brown

History: Aoki Nakata is the daughter of Hollywood stunt man and martial artist Randy “Blade” Nakata, best known for his work in Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”. Her mother died shortly after her birth. Quiet and withdrawn, Aoki only found joy in training with her father in which he took great pride in his daughter’s fight prowess and ruthless attitude.

While auditioning for a role in a B level karate movie, Aoki met Ice House Modeling Agency CEO Cristalia Methonia and found in her the mother figure she longed for. Cristalia became quite fond of the young ruthless girl and quickly recognized that her martial arts skill could be of great use to her. She offered her a job in her newly formed security force. Aoki jumped at the chance to put her skills to use and earn a lucrative paycheck in the process. She adopted the name China and served her mistress loyally since.

Powers: China is a master of several martial arts techniques, proficient in Taekwando, Jiu Jitsu , Xingyiquan, and Kendo.

China, like the other SnowBunnies, uses the Ice Queen “Ice” to enhance her natural strength and speed, making her a dangerous combatant.