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[text_dd]t*h1 class=”western”>Legal Name: Mia Jones

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record

Age: 22

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Student, freedom fighter

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 107 lbs

Eyes: green

Hair: brown

Method: Blunts

History: Mai Jones is the daughter of U.S. track star “Mad” Jack Jones and Thai Gymnastics Gold Medalist Soo Kim. The two athletes met during the 1984 Olympic Games and instantly fell in love. They maintained a long distant relationship for the next two years as each blossomed into huge stars in their respective countries. During the 1988 world games the two were wed in a secret ceremony and conceived their daughter Mia.

It was at the height of his fame that Mad Jack fell from grace. He was caught boarding a flight to Thailand carrying 3 grams of California Chronic. He was later convicted in Federal Court on charges of International distribution and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Devastated and alone Bouapon took her daughter to her Korean homeland to be with her family. It was there that young Mia would meet the first great influence of her life, her uncle who was a highly accomplished Buddhist Monk. He taught the young, hyper child to focus her mind and her Chi.

On Mia’s 13 birthday her mother decided it was time she saw her father whom she hadn’t seen since she was a small child. They settled in Washington and enrolled her in school. She excelled as a multi-sport athlete and star student. She credits her achievements to the use of Chi.

Over the next five years Mia developed a close bond with her imprisoned father. On her 18th birthday her father revealed to his only daughter the location of his most prized possessions, which he managed to hide from federal agents. The chest contained his numerous gold medals, personal memoirs, old photos and a half of Korean Sativa.

Mia smoked the weed that night and found that it allowed her to reach a new level of meditation. On emerging from this meditative state she found her Chi increased to super human levels. Her newly found energy greatly increased her physical and mental abilities giving her super human speed and agility and limited psychic powers.

Inspired by her new powers Mia plotted to break her father out of prison. She was stopped by the Freedom Fighter Captain Chronic. Chronic convinced her to pursue legal means to gain Jack’s freedom. She agreed under the condition that Chronic would train her to be a Freedom fighter. She has since served as an active member of the Weed Nation and enrolled in law school to fight for the freedom of her father and others imprisoned for marijuana possession.

Known Power: Chocolate Thai posses several superhuman abilities derived from her Cannabis enhanced Chi. Her Chi energy gives her superhuman strength, speed and agility. She can lift approx 600lbs above her head and has been timed at 3.88 seconds. in the 40 yard dash.

Thai is a highly trained martial artist proficient in several forms of hand to hand combat including Hapkido and Shuai and Jaio.[/text_dd]

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