Is this little contraption a hit or is the SmokeBuddy just a bunch of smoke?

There has been other methods invented which attempt to contain and mask the distinctive smell of the smoke aroma from when you light it up. Many folks just like you and I have gotten busted because we had no way to hide that lovely smell that too many people can’t seem to appreciate. This predicament has cramped many of styles in the long history of being a discreet smoker.

Today, lets highlight a product that claims to solve that problem forever. Is this little contraption a hit or is the Smoke Buddy just a bunch of smoke?

If this really works I could have used one of these in my younger days. Although I still managed to sneak away and toke up most of the time, unfortunately the smell of bud is pretty strong. When you return from your quick toke sesh the aroma tends to stick to you. With that stated, I decided to pick up a SmokeBuddy during a recent visit to my local smoke shop. At checkout, it was at the counter and I asked about it. Simon, who was working the register said that he uses them when needed and they are pretty good. Sounded good to me. Done deal for $20 out the door. I later found out that I could’ve bought 2 for $20 online, but it’s all good.

When I arrived at my home, the eagerness to try this thing out, alongside with my new smoking piece was overwhelming. So I did the deed. Whoa…The results were amazing! This thing actually worked as advertised. All you do is blow the smoke into the small container and it comes out as a clean fragrant aroma. It has since easily passed the non-smoker test with my landlord. If the Smoke Buddy can fool her then trust me, it will work for anybody. I also tried it on my mom and she said she didn’t smell a thing, just my “mustiness and my stank draws” she joked. Ha Ha, very funny Momma. Needless to say, this portable smoke filter has passed with flying colors.


I HIGHLY recommend the Smoke Buddy for anyone who would like to smoke in stealth or to give as a gift to a fellow toker. Happy Holidays to Everyone! Ho Ho Ho!

How much $?



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Where Would You Use Your SmokeBuddy The Most?

  • 2% In a public restroom
  • 12% At church
  • 2% At school
  • 53% In my bedroom when a parent is home
  • 3% In my bedroom when kids are home
  • 2% Breaktime at work
  • 17% The dorm
  • 9% In a car

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The #1 Rated Smoke Filter Device.

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