So the reality of it is is that there are three sites are all working together. We start with the first one which is weed Nation soldiers. Com of course which is just the Cannabis review side disynaptic site. Then as we want to take a look at more science fiction then we would have to turn to space ology which starts off by really digging in the Game of Thrones but also does in general science fiction movies and characters sci-fi Queens the best sores. But you know also space ology has a tendency to like Melanie and a girl so that’s something that’s also really strong about this and I feel good about that and then of course the final piece is 9 will Chronicle which is the most serious side which is about mythology which is the general reason why all the other sites exist. So 9 World Chronicles again mythology talks about Kim and talks about Egypt talks about the gods and you can find it at the link below.

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