Name: Major Motta

Legal Name: Ricardo Antonio Motta Rialto

Legal Status: Naturalized Citizen of the U.S., Citizen of El Salvador

Age: 36

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Spiritual Leader, Freedom Fighter

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 198

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Method: Pipe

History: Ricardo Antonio Motta Rialto is the son of Father Andreas Rialto, the founder of Motta De Dios Church. Motta De Dios is an off-shoot of mainstream Christianity that uses Marijuana as a sacrament. It is their contention that Jesus used marijuana to communicate with God.

Andreas moved through Central and South America founding new churches. In 1984 he settled in San Antonio Texas and established his 100th chapter. The church ran for years until Reagan Administration’s war on drugs turned its attention to the Church’s practice of indulging in Cannabis as a way of communing with GOD. DEA agents raided the church and Andreas was shot and killed.

Ricardo escaped and led the remaining church members underground. Through diligent prayers and much intake of the sacrament herb, Ricardo was able to achieve a level of spirituality that allowed him to communicate with the lesser God Mottano. Mottano told him that his people would be a key in maintaining the balance of the Universe. He blessed him with special powers and the seeds to grow the perfect cannabis plant.

He established a new Church in Albuquerque New Mexico and has dedicated his life to continuing his father’s mission. He adopted the identity of Major Motta to make better use of his new powers.

Known Power: Major Motta posses’s several magical powers after being blessed by the demi-god Mottan. Among them is the ability to fly and cast powerful spells from the Book of Mottan.