Name: Pegotta

Legal Name: Pegotta Aswigo

Legal Status: Naturalized citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record

Known Aliases: Dr. P, The Shaman, Akeem Zuni

Age: 64

Marital Status: Widowed

Occupation: Soldier, Shaman, Lab assistant, Freedom fighter

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 158

Eyes: brown

Hair: white

Method: Hookah

History: Very little is known about the early life of Pegotta as his memory is vague prior to his 13th birthday. He spent most of his life to this point living in orphanages; his parents were unknown to him. At the age of 13 he began to demonstrate many strange powers and a connection with nature that the other children began to resent and fear.

At the age of 15 young Pegotta became enamored with Demiji, a girl from a nearby village. Using his natural skill with plants he grew an impressive bouquet of African Violets in her favorite color. A local bully, Tagbo, grew jealous of his courtship of Demiji. Tagbo and his cronies found and destroyed Pegotta’s secret garden. They later encountered Pegotta and beat him soundly in front of a large cheering crowd.

Hungry for revenge Pegotta concocted a mixture of herbs that would temporarily turn Tagbo’s hair white. The next day he slipped the mixture into the bully’s canteen. Tagbo drank the formula and to Pegotta’s shock, not only his hair, but his skin and eyes also turned white.

The village denounced Pegotta as a witch and an angry mob gathered to kill the young man. Hearing rumors of the mob Pegotta gathered his meager belongings and fled. He spent the next several years wandering through the northern countries of Africa eventually arriving in Cairo. There he developed his skill as a pickpocket and eventually joined a thief’s guild. His reputation for sleight of hand and cunning attracted the attention of the Máahes, a group of assassins for hire. They trained him in their craft and used his knowledge of herbs and plants to develop new toxins and serums to aid in their missions of murder.

Four years later he was sent on a mission to kill a powerful Shaman. The Shaman easily defended the young Pegotta, but noted his skill with the natural toxin he had used in his attempt. He offered to train him and help him hone his natural ability if he vowed to only use his powers for good, Pegotta gratefully accepted. Over the next 10 years he was the Shaman’s apprentice mastering natural herbs and plant cultivation as well as some magical abilities. It was in the Shamans training that he was first introduced to cannabis. Pegotta was a natural breeder and soon began to grow more and more potent and exotic strains.

In the early 60’s political unrest came to Nigeria and Pegotta was compelled to return to his homeland and fight in the national army. It was there that he again encountered his nemesis Tagbo who skin, eyes and hair were still white. He called himself the Ghost and was leader of a radical militia called the Party. The two met in personal combat and Peggotta narrowly defeated him.

For the next several years Pegotta dedicated himself to self improvement and marijuana cultivation. He was contacted by a young American scientist Dr. Fenius Blunt who was searching for a cannabis cure for Alzheimer’s. The two became fast friends and made great strides in the development of a new strain of medicinal plant.

When Dr. Blunt was killed in an FBI raid, Pegotta took his young son and returned to Nigeria. There he trained young Fenius in the art of hand to hand combat and marijuana cultivation. Fenius Jr. soon returned to the U.S. to complete his education. Young Fenius mysteriously gained super powers in a lab accident after which he adopted the Code Name Captain Chronic and then formed the Weed Nation. He contacted his old friend Pegotta who gladly joined and has since served as the mentor of the young group of freedom fighters.

Known Powers: Pegotta was trained as a Máahes, an elite class of assassin. He is highly skilled at hand to hand combat and is a master of throwing knives.

Pegotta has also mastered many Shamanic techniques specializing in herbs and plants. He has effectively bred plants of specific types for highly potent poisons and healing serums. He has focused on marijuana and has used the plant with other herbs to temporarily give himself several amazing powers including invisibility and superhuman strength.

Pegotta poses a powerful Shamanic staff that he utilizes to cast powerful spells. He has demonstrated the ability to create strong winds which he can use to fly. Another notable power is producing mystical clouds of marijuana smoke to subdue his opponents.