Name: Sergeant Spliff

Legal Name: DeAndre Sims

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record

Age: 26

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Professional Athlete, Freedom Fighter

Height: 6’ 5”

Weight: 199

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Method: Blunts

History: DeAndre Sims was a star 3-sport athlete at Humboldt State with a promising career in professional sports. Drafted number 1 overall in the  NFL draft, his dreams were shattered when it was revealed the homemade energy bars he credits to his success contained Cannabis. Disgraced, he lost all options into the NFL and was relegated to the little known CFL franchise Bakersfield Bakers.

DeAndre returned to school part time and eventually completing law school in 2004. He has dedicated his practice to defending the right of Cannabis smokers. Feeling the need to do more, DeAndre secretly donned the identity Sergeant Spliff using his super human speed to protect mankind and the right of smokers everywhere.

Known Power: Sergeant Spliff posseses a number of superhuman powers derived from the special energy bars his grandmother prepares for him. Among them is super human speed and highly enhanced reflexes