Name: SnowFlake

Legal Name: Kimberly Davenport

Legal Status: Citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record

Age: 22

Marital Status: Single                                                                                                   Occupation: Model, criminal underling

Group Affiliation: Ice House modeling Agency, The Snow Bunnies

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: 121

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blue

History: Kimberly Davenport was born in a women’s detention facility in rural Kentucky. Her mother was a career criminal, her father a trucker who died mysteriously after an angry break up with one of his many girlfriends. Kimberly grew up in foster care jumping from home to home for the next decade and a half.

Kimberly detested rural Kentucky and inspired by the film “Gia” headed to Hollywood to begin her modeling career. She hitchhiked most of the way stealing money for food and shelter along the way. Arriving in Hollywood, she found the fast paced city to her liking and despite being homeless and broke she endeavored to achieve her goal.

After several missteps and brushes with the law she was finally rewarded with her first professional job. She hit the runway at the tender age of 17 and enjoyed limited success as a swimsuit model for the next few years. Her aggressive personality clashed with the other models and most of Ice House’s staff but attracted the attention of Ice House CEO Cristalia Methonia (aka the IceQueen). She soon joined Cristalia’s entourage as leader of her personal security force known as the Snow Bunnies. She adopted the name Snowflake and has served as the leader of the Snow Bunnies ever since.

Known Powers: SnowFlake possesses no super human power or formal training but relies on her hyper aggressive personality and street savvy to make her a dangerous combatant. Under the influence of the Ice Queen’s “Ice” she can augment her natural strength and speed for a limited period of time.