The Ice Queen

Legal Name: Cristalia Methonia

Legal Status: Citizen of Romania,

Naturalized citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record.

Age: 29

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Model (retired), Modeling agent, Criminal mastermind

Known Aliases: Crystal Meth, Dark Crystal

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 111

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Method: N/A

History: Cristalia Methonia is the daughter of Romanian industrialist, Andrei Methonia a direct descendant of the Romanian royal family. A clever and shrewd business man, Andrei used his connections to build a global chemical manufacturing company supplying industrial and commercial level cleaning products in 23 countries including the U.S.

Born into great wealth and privilege, Cristalia soon became the hot new face of European fashion bursting onto the American scene in late 2000. It was during her runway days that she first met a young model by the name of Alexandria Huffington (who would later be known as Private Puff, see Private Puff). The two formed a fast friendship. When Alex began to struggle in maintaining her super thin frame Cristalia offered her trade secret which was a form of Crystal Meth developed by her fathers company which greatly accelerated the body’s metabolism. Alex rejected the drug and after a nasty exchange of words the friendship quickly dissolved.

Cristalia was later arrested by DEA agents as she entered the U.S. carrying just over 3 pounds of Crystal Meth. She incorrectly assumed Alex had informed DEA agents and vowed revenge on her former friend.

She soon retired from active modeling to run her own exclusive modeling agency dubbed the IceHouse. Despite her success she has remained focused on destroying Alexandria and has attempted to ruin her on several occasions with no success. Desperate for revenge, Cristalia who by this time was calling herself the Ice Queen recruited three young and ruthless models to assist her in her plot to strike back at Alexandria. She dubbed this group the Snow Bunnies, in part for their affinity for cocaine abuse.

Their first mission was to kidnap Alex’s young cousin Daniella Storm. They succeeded but were later defeated by Private Puff and her Weed Nation teammate Chocolate Thai. The Snow Bunnies were incarcerated but Cristalia was able to avoid arrest claiming diplomatic immunity. She returned to her native Romania but has again renewed her vow to destroy Private Puff at all cost.

Known Powers: The Ice Queen is a highly trained hand to hand combatant proficient in several forms of martial arts. Though she posses no superhuman powers of her own she often uses her special “Ice” to augment her bodies natural strength and speed.